Analysis of results

You can analyze the results of your survey by opening it from the management view. The survey is opened directly to the Analyze -view. You can export results even if your the survey is still running.


You can navigate the results by scrolling the view down or by selecting the wanted question from the drop down menu. The arrow buttons move the view one question at a time.

Top navigation

Filters: You can create diverse filters which enable exactly the aspect of the results required to be shown.

Merge data: You can merge an existing Surveypal result or Excel file for comparison or to be merged to the existing result.

Create report: You can create reports of the results in many different formats like Powerpoint, Word, Excel, CSV or SPSS.

Settings: Change reporting language, which kind of responses to include to the result and other settings.

Right hand navigation

Time range: Select the wanted time range to filter the results. The daily to yearly selections change only the response volume chart time range axel.

Created filters can be seen here.

Merged data:
If you have combined reports by merging, (see Merging data), here you can see which of the reports are displayed.

Individual responses: Here you can select responses made by individual respondents.

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