Combining data

Often it’s necessary to collect the results of several surveys into a so-called “single pile”, so that they can be looked at like they were the results of a single survey. For example, you want to combine the results of surveys from Q1 to Q4.

Start with opening the survey where you wish to merge data and click Merge data button on the View results tab.


1. Select the report to be combined and check the question merging.


2. Click the button + on the right to add a new “Select data to be merged” slot. Add as many as you need.


3. Note that you add new surveys with the right-side + button. If you have done this correctly, there should be only one ‘New merged data’ displayed on the left, which contains the surveys you have chosen.

4. Double-click on the name the ‘New merged data’ name to rename it.

5. The results of the original report will now be displayed alongside those of the combined ones, so deactivate the original from the right-hand menu if you want to only look at combined results.


Please note!

If you have two results with identical names that you need to combine, change at least the name of the other result in the management view. This will help you to tell them appart in the Merge data window.

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