Comparing data

This way is particularly useful when it is necessary to compare the results of surveys carried out at different times or in different places in one report.

Start with selecting Merge data on the Analyze view.


1. Select the survey to be merged from the dropdown menu


2. When you select the survey, the ‘Importing questions’ windows opens. Here, you select which questions are to be combined. On the left, there are the responses of the survey that is already open, and on the right the ones for the survey to be combined with it.


3. If the survey questions are identical they will be matched automatically. It is important to the check that the matching has not made any mistakes. If you see mistakes or unmatched questions, fix them manually. When you have checked that all the needed questions are matched correctly, select ‘Save’.

4. Name the report to be combined by double-clicking its name. If you want to combine many parallel results, click the ‘plus’ button at the bottom on the left and repeat steps 1-4.


5. Select ‘Save’. Then you should see the merged surveys on the right hand panel on the ‘Merged data’ view and the results side by side.


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