Report templates

When you export a report from Surveypal into Powerpoint, you can change the form of the report if desired and save it for later use.

1. Select the ‘Export data’ window and then ‘Edit report templates’.

2. If you want to create a new report template, first add it with the plus button on the left. You can also copy the current template for changes with the double-square button. If you only make changes to the current one, this is not required. You can give the template a name by double-clicking its name.

3. In the ‘Section’ area select which section you want to change the style settings of. After this carry out the edits that you want to below.

4. Select ‘Save’.

5. The report template is now available for selection from the list.


Try this!

Create a few report templates that export only some parts of the survey. For example, create templates like ‘Only open answers’ and ‘Compact report’ (e.g. only mean values of scales and no open answers). This way it is possible to have faster the report that you need and the report needs less detailing in the Powerpoint.

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