Answer summary to user

This guideline shows how to get a notification email of a new answer in your survey to you or someone else in your team.

  1. Open the survey from which you need to get new answer notifications
  2. Navigate to the ‘Manage’ view
  3. Click ‘Automations’
  4. If needed create a new automation ( + button on the lower left corner of the window)
  5. Select action: ‘Send summary via email to following address(es) automatically
  6. Fill the needed email address(es) to the Recipients -field
  7. Type a sender text you wish to show to the recipient (Do not use email address in this field)
  8. Type a topic and message (Message field should contain at least the text {{summary}} or {{condsummary}} if you wish to get recipients answer summary to the email notification)
  9. Save

Creating additional rules to the automation

  1. Click ‘Create additional rules’
  2. You can create multiple additional rules by clicking the plus symbol on the right
  3. Choose wether the survey answer has to fit ‘all of the’ set conditions or to ‘some of the’ set conditions
  4. Save

Try this!

You can create a new email folder for summary emails and set the rule which directs all the summary emails to this folder. This way you can easily print every given answer as a separate document if required.

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