New features: New language versions can be added to launched surveys Slider element gets a combined mean value chart slide to Powerpoint Analyze view shows only one question at a time to improve performance in surveys that have more than 50 questions   Other improvements: Powerpoint export with white and blue report models: Open responses... Read more »

We have just updated fresh looks to satisfaction smileys and to number scale numbers. Besides the new looks, we have improved the visual cues so that respondents can better identify the selected option. Also the image selection element gets new default color to selected options. Editing the color of the selected option is now possible... Read more »

Analyze view The analyze view metrics about how responses have been collected has been changed to a bar chart. Previous cumulative chart didn’t visualize well enough how the response rate varied over time. You can use the timeline settings to change the time axis of the responses chart. In addition to the responses chart, we... Read more »

We’ve worked hard to bring you new features and improvements to Surveypal. We hope you like them! Integrations to Zendesk and Salesforce! Collect and maps survey responses with our latest integrations. Check our integrations guideline to learn more! Survey preview link can be shared to people without Surveypal credentials. Learn more… Analyze view shows survey... Read more »

Our analyze view has been renewed! With improved navigation you can jump to any question on your survey with couple of clicks. Need to filter results based on response times? The new time range filtering makes it feel like a walk in the park. Besides the new features the analyze view has been built from... Read more »

We have added two new features to Surveypal: Possibility for the respondents to unsubscribe from survey invitations Sender profiles for Surveypal users The unsubscribe feature is required for us to meet the EU & US authorities privacy legislation on what can be sent to people without their prior consent. The unsubscribe feature requires to include... Read more »

Lately we have done many improvements to the tool under the hood, but here are some of the more visible ones. Features: Surveypal satisfaction app for Zendesk users. Check Zendesk marketplace for more information! Possibility to allow anonymous link respondents to save their answer and resume it later. Check guideline how use the feature from... Read more »

Our cloud service provider Rackspace is doing extended server maintenance on 29th of October from 12:00 AM until 04:00 AM EET. (03:00 PM – 07:00 PM PDT). Surveypal is available during this time but service interruptions can be expected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Status of the maintenance can be followed at... Read more »

Our cloud service provider is doing extended server maintenance on 9th of October from 01:00 AM until 05:00 AM EET. (03:00 PM – 07:00 PM PDT). Surveypal will be unavailable for users and respondents during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Status of the maintenance can be followed at Surveypal statuspage

The new condensed summary will print to the sent email message only the questions and answers the respondent have answered to. If you wish to use the new summary in your old automation, just replace the the _summary_ tag with {{condsummary}}. What automations? Check our automations guideline!

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