Guideline for Cint users

Cint offers consumer panels with over 10 million potential panelists from 60 different countries all over the world. Collecting answers with Cint panels is pay-per-answer service where the price depends of the targeted group.

This guideline will show you how to build and set up a survey with Cint respondents.

  1. Create Survey
  2. Set the SKIP LOGICS __before launching__ IF there’s an early screenout (ESO) in use!
    • ESO-questions should be in the first page(s) of the survey so that respondents who don’t belong to the target group don’t have to answer in vain (see ESO logic example from below)
    • Test the locig thoroughly in preview-window, since logic cannot be edited after survey has been launched.
  3.  Launch the Survey
    • Set automations from the Manage-view that direct the ESO respondents and completed answers respondents to their correct Cint-pages.
      • ESO: Answer to screenout question – is – the option that skips rest of the survey –> “Redirect to address without showing thank you-page”:
      • Completed: Answer to screenout question – is – the option that allows to continue the survey –> “Redirect to address without showing thank you -page “:
  4. Acquiring the correct survey link (Contact if you need help creating the links. )
    • Return to the Distribution view
    • Copy the survey short link and paste it to a new tab in your browser
    • Press enter to open the survey
    • Select and copy the longer version of the survey link from the browser address field
    • Paste the link to Notepad or similar text editor
  5. Editing the survey link in Notepad
    • Add /ext” to the link between “form” and “?_d”
    • Remove “&_hid=something” from the end of the link where ‘something’ is the survey name
    • Add “&externalId=[ID]” to the end of the link
    • Example of an untouched link:
    • Example of the previous link that has been edited:
  6. Copy link done in phase 5 five (5) times in the Notepad, add numbers at end instead of ID
    • =[ID] –> =[1]
    • =[ID] –> =[2]
    • =[5]
  7. Test that the links open the survey correctly
  8. Go to CINT –>
  9. Create a New Target Group
  10. Choose the criteria for the target group
    • Incidence rate = how many percent of the target group can in your opinion answer the survey? (doesn’t screen out) –> Lower incidence rate, bigger price
    • Set the quota here, not at Surveypal (for example “I want answers from both men and women”)
  11. Create a new project
  12. Choose “Add links”
  13. Paste the link done in phase 5 to “link template”
  14. Add test links done in phase 6 to “Test links”
  15. Accept the terms and conditions
  16. Click “Run project” –> project will be checked by Cint personnel
  17. Cint personnel will contact you quite soon and they will test the survey and links
  18. CINT-Survey will be published

Example of ESO logic: Survey for car users

  1. First page has an ESO-question “Do you have a car?”
  2. Set skip logic from the question (in editor) so, that:
  3. No skip logic for option “yes”
  4. Skip logics for option “no”: –> “go to last page” AND “skip the last page”



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