E-mail reminders

You can send a reminder to the recipients from e-mail invitations sent to them. The reminder can also be scheduled to be sent at a desired time in the future.

1. Open the survey, to the respondents of which you want to send a reminder.

2. Navigate to ‘Distribute’

3.Select ‘Email invitations’.

4. Select ‘Send reminder’.


5. Select which recipients are to be reminded (The default is Manually input).

All recipients: The reminder will be sent to all parties irrespective of their response status.

Response completed: The reminder will only be sent to recipients whose response has been completed. (This can be used, for example, if persons who have already replied are to be notified of a particular piece of information).

Response incomplete or not started: A reminder will only be sent to persons whose response is incomplete or not started. In the case of this selection, you can choose to remove addresses from the list of persons to be reminded to whom you do not want to send a reminder. However, if the regonised recipient count exceeds 10000 emails they will not be shown in the recipients field.


Entered manually: You can enter or attach the addresses of recipients in the recipient field to which you want to send a separate reminder.


6. Write an accompanying message and click ‘Continue’ or ‘Save’. If you save the message you will be able to continue editing the reminder message later on. Remember to select the recipient group again in case you saved the message.

7. In the Schedule window, you can select whether the reminders will be sent at once or whether they will be scheduled for later on.

8. Select the time that the reminder is to be sent. (Optional).

Try this!

You can schedule the reminder right after you have sent the initial invitations to the survey. The Surveypal software will automatically check the status of the recipients at the moment that the message is sent and only send a reminder to the ones whose response status is incomplete or not started.

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