Public link

With a public link, you can collect responses through, for example, web pages or social media.

1. You can make the end of the link more personalised with the ‘Edit’ button.

2. Copy the link and attach it where you want OR share your link directly to the social media sites with the corresponding buttons.

Please note!

The respondent cannot be identified from the results unless they are asked for ID information separately in the survey.

You can however put a setting on that allows the respondent to save and resume the answering later. To set this option on, goto the Build-view, click Settings, select Restrictions tab and enable ‘Allow ‘Save and resume later’ for anonymous links’

Surveypal-tool transforms spaces in links automatically to dashes. Surveys published prior to 17.12.2014 used ‘%20’ to describe spaces in link names. If you edit an older survey link, the ‘%20’ will be replaced with dashes. This means that the link will change and the survey cannot be accessed with the old link.

Try this!

To make the link look as clean as possible, remove scandic letters and other special letters.

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