QR code

The QR code makes it possible to collect responses with touch devices (this usually requires a separate QR code app for the phone). The QR code can be used in print media, for example, to collect opinions in association with articles.

1. Go to the Distribution view

2. Scroll down the view and click the QR code button

3. Define the size of the code in pixels

3. Click ‘Download in PNG format’ to start the download

Please note!

It is advisable to also attach a normal link to the survey with the QR code. In this way the respondent can choose to enter the link into the address field of the browser of the smartphone or the tablet computer.

Try this!

Define the QR code size to be 2000 pixels. Then you can add it to a Powerpoint slide and collect feedback e.g. from a seminar. 2000 pixel image in presentation mode is large enough to be scanned with phone or tablet a bit more further away.

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