Survey kiosks

Selecting ‘Survey kiosks’ allows you to create a link with which to collect survey responses with a tablet device or laptop, for example at a trade fairs or right after customer service experience. The survey kiosk link reloads the survey automatically after an answer has been submitted.

1. Goto the Distribute -view
2. Select the Survey kiosks option
3. Click ‘Create a new link’ button to add a new link
4. Copy the link as it is or edit its last part to have it personalised
5. Add more links if required. (One link can be used with several devices or each device can have its own link.)
4. Write the link into the address field of the devices’s browser or 3rd party kiosk app and test it to see that it works.

Please note!

Surveypal answer forms require internet connection to function.

The public terminal link differs from a normal survey link so that after pressing the ‘Send Responses’ button, the form is automatically reloaded for the next respondent.

Try this!

If you have more terminals, each can have its own personalised link. (The last part of the link is the ‘name’ of the public terminal used and the name can be used to filter results).

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