Using background information

Using recipient background information in email surveys allows the survey owner to filter answers according to the them. The Possibility to use background information reduces survey size and aswering time, since it is not necessary to ask the information from the respondendt.

Typical examples of known recipient information are name, hometown, profession, company, deparment etc.

The easiest way to import recipient background information is alongside with recipient email addresses in an excel file. See how-to guideline here under the topic ‘Import excel’. It is also possible to manually enter the background information.

Background information can be printed in multiple locations e.g. surveys forms, email messages, automation emails etc. In this way the form or emails can be personalised for each recipient.

Try this!

Background information can be printed onto the survey form and elsewhere by using the tag ‘_keyword_’, where the keyword is the heading of the background information column.

1. Give the background information column a heading that is easy to remember, e.g. ‘First name’.

2. Write the tag _First name_ in the desired place on the form, which leads to the content of the background information column being printed there.


Please note!

There are few background information topics that should not be used, since they are reserved by the Surveypal tool. The topics are:

  • email
  • source
  • answerid
  • language

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