Adding pictures

Each Surveypal user has their own picture library where pictures can be stored and then used in the survey forms.

Adding pictures to the picture library

1. Open the picture library by clicking on its icon at the top of the screen.

2. Click ‘Add…’ and find a suitable picture from your computer.

Adding pictures to a form

1. Drag the Image element from the Standard elements to the location desired on the form. (If you want to move the picture later on, click and drag its title bar and not the picture itself.)

2. Click the Add a picture in the element to open the image bank.

3. Select the desired image from the image bank.

4. If needed, change the picture to the correct size with the control in the bottom right corner.

Try this!

To share pictures from your image bank to another Surveypal user, drag and drop them to a blank survey draft and then share the draft with rights to view to the other user. When the other user saves a copy of the draft, the images are saved to the user’s image bank.

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