Editing questions

When you have added a question element to the form, depending on the nature of the element you can edit it in many different ways.

Question options

There are two ways to edit options:

1) You can add options directly to the edit view by clicking “Add an option…”

2) You can click the gear in the element and select the “Contents…”. You can list the options in the window that opens up.

Changing the size and shape of an element

In the element menu, you can choose whether the element is narrow or wide. In the case of a wide element you can also choose from the ‘Settings’ to stack the options. In the case of an open field, you can choose from the element settings whether a large or small field is displayed.

Try this!

Select ‘Show text’ from the element gear menu to add a text field below the actual question. The text field allows you to explain the question in detail if needed.

The ‘Contents…’ option is the best and fastest way to paste options copied e.g. from a word/excel/webpage. It also removes unnecessary styles from the text.

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