Multi-page surveys

If your survey is long, it is useful to divide it into separate pages. This makes it both easier and faster to use for the respondent.

Adding pages

You can create a new page for your survey by clicking the plus-button in the bottom left corner.

Moving questions

If you have created questions which need to be moved to another page, follow these steps:

1. Drag the element by clicking on its title bar and keeping the mouse button pressed down.

2. Move the element to the left side on the desired page and wait for the page view to change.

3. Place the element in the desired spot on the page.

Moving pages

Moving a survey page to another location is done by dragging the icon of the page on the left side of the screen to the location desired with the mouse.

Copying a page

You can make a complete copy of a survey page by clicking the copy button in the bottom left corner.

Deleting a page

Deleting a survey page is done with the minus-button in the bottom left corner.

Please note!

Add pages while building the survey. It is far easier to move a couple of elements from one page to another to adjust the structure of the survey, than it is to move tens of elements from one long page to multiple pages.

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