Skip logic / answer paths

With skip logic it is possible to define answer paths to survey respondents. Skip logic works in One selection, Drop down menu and Image selection elements. The logic can only be used to affect the following pages. So, for example, you cannot hide another question on the same page based on the choice of a directing question.

1. Select ‘Logic’ from the element menu.

2. In the Logic window, select the response option and the action which decides where the respondent choosing the option is to be moved to or whether of the questions to come will be hidden based on the option chosen.

Skip question: Skips the question chosen

Skip page: Skips the page chosen

Go to page: Takes the respondent to the page chosen

Maximum number of responses: You can set a maximum number of responses for the chosen option

After selecting the action, choose the target question of the logic from the next dropdown menu. This can be the page that the respondent is led to, a page that is skipped or a question that is hidden. In the example in the image below, the question Amount of leads is hidden from respondents who answered Marketing because an answer to this is only desired from those who answered ‘Sales’.

4. If required, you can hide more than one page or question on the basis of a response by adding a new level to the logic with the plus button.

Please note!

You cannot move the respondent to more than one page on the basis of one response. It is worth constructing the response path by hiding the desired pages on the basis of the response.

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