Image elements

Image elements work well on mobile surveys since the images are easy to select on touch devices. The Image elements have two predesigned forms for your convenience. These include:
1. Satisfaction – five smileys
2. Image scale – 0 to 10 scale

Both elements work in similar manner and the predefined images can be changed if needed:

  • The order of the images can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.
  • You can change an image to another by clicking on the upwards pointing arrow when the image is active. The button opens the image bank where you can choose another image. The minus -button removes the image above it.

Please note!

Should you arrange the order of the images, notice that the running numbers above the images don’t change automatically. The order of the image numbers is important to keep running logically to have the result graphics shown correctly. It is possible however to reverse the order of the numbers if needed. (E.g. 4,3,2,1) If you wish to use text to describe the options, instead of numbers, it is important to keep the order going from left to right – worst to best.

Try this!

Survey page can be set to change when a respondent selects an image. To enable this feature, select the option ‘Selection changes page’ from the element gear menu. Just make sure that the image element is the last question on the page.

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