Survey standard elements

Survey elements are added to the form by dragging them from the menu on the right.

Text – This element shows heading 1 and text by default. Check the element gear menu for more options like hiding the topic or text. This element is good for building structure for the survey form and write instructional text. Links to other web pages can also be embedded in this element.

Image – this element allows you to add an image to the survey form. Drag it to the survey form and click to open the image bank.

Video – this element allows the respondents to view videos on the survey form. User can add links to Youtube or Vimeo videos.

One choice – this element allows the respondent to choose one option from the list.

Multiple choices – like the ‘One choice’ element but allows multiple choices to be made.

Dropdown menu – this works like ‘One choice’, but the options are in a menu so that the element takes up less space.

Scale – this element allows you to create scales in which one or more statements are asked using the same response scale. The scales can also be defined with instructional top and bottom texts.

Table – this element allows the creation of a table for the response form, with which it is easy to collect typically numerical data in table form.

Open field – this element enables you to collect open responses from respondents, but you can also set limiting parameters on the form of the response, such as figures or an e-mail address. Default size of the element is wide. You can change the field smaller from the element gear menu and settings.

File upload – this element allows the respondent to attach a file to his/her answer. You can define what files are allowed.

Please note!

Small open field can contain maximum 1024 characters per answer. The bigger field can contain maximum 17000 characters.

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