File upload

File upload element allows you to collect files from your survey recipients. By default the element accepts many common file types, but if needed, it is also possible to define what file types are allowed. For image, sound and video files there are also separate elements.

From the gear menu in the element you can find the File type selection. There it is possible to define more precisely the file types you wish to receive. Besides exact definition of file types there are few other possibilities.

Selected file types: (Default / recommended) The most common file types. Remove selections to rule out those files.

Custom file types: You may define the MIME-type of the files you wish to receive.

All file types option – see bottom of the page.

Please note!

Should you restrict the file type to a certain one, remember to notity the recipients that only e.g. .docx files are accepted.

All file types: Sets the element to accept any file regardless of type.


All files types selection is not recommended to be used. The recipient may intentionally upload a harmfull file to the survey. All responsibility of losing or damaging own or other peoples data from one’s own computer or from employers network is on the creator of the survey if this option is on!

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