Adding a preset language

Click on the language button to edit the languages.

Languages can be added and removed in the Language versions window with the plus and minus keys on the left. Once you have added a language you can translate your survey to that language.

You can choose from many ready-made language packages, or, if needed, create translations of your own to a language that is not on the list. (Adding a new language)

Please note!

1. It is recommended that you decide and build first the survey structure ready in one language before adding other languages. Adding a language version copies the question, option etc. texts to the new language version to help the translation process.

2. The structure of the survey has to be identical between language versions! One language cannot contain extra questions or options.

3. When more than one language has been chosen in language versions, a page automatically comes up at the start of the survey asking the user to select the response language. The texts on the language selection page will be automatically translated to the language of the respondent’s default browser language. This page is visible only in published surveys.

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