Old style editor

You can edit the style of the survey form directly or use ready-made style themes.

There are numerous ways to change the style of the survey, which you can access through the ‘Style’ function.

This opens up an editing pop up, in which each section can be edited separately. Changes made in the editing view are updated at once in the editing view window. If you edit elements that have not yet been used in your form, you will not see the changes immediately.

Theme: Here you can choose a theme that defines preset style to the survey. If you make changes to the current style, you can save it as a new theme by selecting ‘Own Themes’ at the bottom of the window.

Sub-section: The part of the form to which changes are made. Changes to other options such as ‘Font’ and ‘Size’ always apply to the sub-section currently selected.

Font: The character type in which the text is displayed. If ‘Not Defined’ is selected, a default font is used.

Size: The size of the text or element.

Colour: The colour of the text or of another element.

Background: The background colour of the element (Note: see the background colour of the form separately below).

Note: Changes to fonts are only visible in the editing view window and preview. Fonts are not updated in the survey form creation section.

Form Background

The background colour of the form of the background picture are defined separately in two different parts.

Question Section: The actual content of the survey can be changed by selecting the sub-section ‘All elements and forms’. If you want to specify the background colour, click the section ‘Background’. If you however want to use a background picture, click the empty box on the right, which allows you to choose a picture from the picture library.

Background Section: Changing the background outside the content section is done as above, but by selecting the sub-section ‘Background’.

Using a ready theme

If you have saved your own style themes, you can choose one of them to use from the ‘Theme’ section of the style tool.

Themes can be edited with the ‘Own Themes’ button.


Saving a theme

1. When you have made changes in the style tool and want to save them as a new theme, first select ‘Own Themes’.

2. Then create a new theme in the bottom of the window with the plus-button. Click ‘Find current style’ and then give the new theme a name by double-clicking it.

3. Select ‘Save’.

Editing a theme

1. When you want to edit an existing theme, first select ‘Own Themes’.

2. Select the theme to be edited from the list.

3. Make required changes

4. Select ‘Save’

Please note!

To have the best looking survey, use at least 1200 pixels wide and tall image on the sub-section ‘Background’. The taller the image the more questions it is possible to add to one page without the background image starting to duplicate.

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