Sizes and shapes

To change the survey sizes and shapes first select the style area in which you wish to do it. In this example the style area is Desktop, but the settings are identical in all the style areas. You can modify the survey size and shapes in the following areas:



Width (Survey page width as percentage value of the total browser screen width.)
Maximum width (Sets the maximum width of the survey page in pixels.)
Margin, top
Margin, bottom
Margin, left
Margin, right
Page margin, top
Page margin, bottom
Page margin, left
Page margin, right
Left column width
Right column width
Gutter (The width between the page columns.)
Page Corner Radius (Sets the roundness of the page corner.)
Page Border Width


Input corner radius (Open field and table element input field corner roundness.)
Checkbox corner radius (Sets the roundness of the checkbox.)
Button corner radius (Sets the navigation button corner roundess.)
Element horizontal padding
Element vertical padding
Element width

Status bar:

Corner radius (Sets the survey progress bar corner roundness.)

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