To change the survey font styles first select the style area in which you wish to do it. In this example the style area is Desktop, but the settings are identical in all the style areas. You can modify the type and size of the fonts in the following areas:



Base font (Changes all survey fonts at once to the selected.)
Heading 1
Heading 2
Heading 3(This changes question text, scale and table element guiding text.)
Form field text (Changes open field and table element input text font and size)
Dropdown text
Primary button text (Next, Send answers etc buttons)
Button text (Previous etc. buttons)
Table heading text
Table row
Table labels (Changes scale numbers and table column topics)
Status bar (Survey progress indicator)

Changing the fonts:

1. Select the area to be changed
2. Click the arrow next to the font name
3. Select a font from the list

Changing the font size:

1. Select the area to be changed


2. Select the section that you wish to change:
– Size
– Line height
– Space before and space after

3. Select the unit of size


4. Input the wanted size

Size units:

px: Size in pixels
pt: Size in points
%: Size in relation to the browser width
em: Changes the font size in relation to the Base font size. Can be changed in 0.1 steps. In ‘Line height’ the relation is to the height of the font.

none: Used only in Sizes and shapes
auto: Used only in Sizes and shapes
normal: Used only in Sizes and shapes
Inherit: Inherits the font size from Base font

Other options:

Other options to edit the typography of the survey texts include:(from left to right in the below image)

– Bold
– Italics
– Capital letters (Changes all letters to capital)
– Underline
– Strikethrough

Try this!

If you need to change all survey fonts at once, change the Base font.

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