The Salesforce integration allows you to save survey responses automatically to Salesforce CRM software and map responses into data fields in Salesforce objects.

Integration configuration

To map the responses of a survey, open the survey and goto Manage view. Click the Integrations button and select ‘Configure’ from Salesforce.

Then select ‘Connect to Salesforce’ and insert your Salesforce credentials when asked to do so. (Authentication is asked in a pop up window.) Select ‘Allow’ when asked for Surveypal the right to access in Salesforce. Wait for the authentication process to go through. (Surveypal might flash briefly in the pop up.)

Once the authentication process is done you get to the response mapping view. In the response mapping view you see on the left hand side your survey questions and on the right hand side the options where to update the response to. Select the object and then the field in which you wish the response to be mapped to.

Remember to copy the survey address for Salesfoce before saving the mappings. You can use the address in the emails sent from Salesforce, just make sure the link is masked behind some text in the email!

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