Checking respondent status

You can check the status of the respondents by opening the survey and navigating to the ‘Manage’ view.


In send queue = Surveypal system is processing the email invitations.

Has not responded = The person has not opened the survey.

Response has been started = The survey has been opened but not yet completed.

Response completed = The person has sent their response.

Returned = The invitation was not delivered to the recipient. (wrong email address / the address doesn’t exist / receiving server flagged the email as spam etc.)

Blocked = Respondent has unsubscribed from survey invitations.

Please note!

The information shown in the Manage view is not presented in real time. E.g. the status ‘In send queue’ may still be shown although the email invitation has been delivered to the recipient.

Try this!

You can arrange recipients based on their source, started / finished time, duration or status.
Click ‘Invitations’ button to see more details of the email invites.
Select a respondent or multiple respondents and then click ‘Edit’ and select ‘Resend email invitation(s) to send their original invitation again.

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