Managing respondents

You can manage respondents by opening the survey and navigating to the ‘Manage’ view. To access the options select one or multiple respondents.


Edit = Options to delete the selected respondent permanently or send again the original email invitation. (You can select multiple respondents.)

Meta fields = Add or check respondent meta data. E.g. Name, City, Education. Meta data is easiest to add with email addresses when sending email invitations.

Show answer = You can view respondents answer on the survey form. (Opens the response in a new browser tab)

Invitations = Invitation history

Automations = Multiple possibilities from e.g forwarding the respondent to a new survey or webpage after sending answers or to send a summary of answers to the respondent etc. Automations guideline.

Integrations = Integrate Zendesk or Salesforce accounts to push responses to the integrated systems. Integrations guideline.

Please note!

Deleteting respondent erases permanently the respondent from the list and also the response.

Try this!

You can send a respondents original email invite again from the edit button.

You can print the respondent answer to a PDF-file in the Show answer screen.

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