Organising surveys

When you log into Surveypal, the first display is always the management view. This view remains open in its own browser tab even if you open a survey for a closer look. It is possible to retun to this view by selecting its tab and e.g. open another survey.

My surveys
This section displays the surveys created by you.

Organisation name (Surveypal in the image)
This section shows all the surveys of the users in your team. The view is set on from Surveypal customer service and can be set on to a single user (e.g. admin) or to all users. Surveys can be shown with read-only or full edit rights. Request the view from customer service here.

Shared with me
As the name suggests here you can find all the surveys that have been shared to you.

All surveys
This sections contains both your own surveys and surveys shared to you.

By keywords
When you add a keyword to a survey, that exact word will appear automatically in this section. Keywords are used to organise surveys to categories and function as quick search for them.

This section contains surveys that you have deleted from My surveys. They can be restored and used again.

Please note!

If you delete a survey from the Deleted section, it will be deleted permanently and cannot be restored.

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