You can share the survey templates you have made and the results of the surveys with other Surveypal users. Sharing is done by first clicking the name of the survey and then ‘Share’ in the option bar. You can also manage the rights of the sharing from this same view.

Sharing options:

Authority to manage (‘Allow users to edit the survey’ selected)
This selection gives other users full rights to edit the survey draft or manage an open survey.

Authority to read (Disable the selection ‘Allow users to edit the survey’)
This selection gives other Surveypal users the possibility to look at the draft or results of your survey, but they cannot make changes to it or interrupt the survey. They can make a copy of the shared survey and edit it.

Survey public access links:
Public access links allows public access to the survey preview in drafts and / or to the Analyze view in open surveys without user credentials to Surveypal. More details from here.

Steps to share:
1. Select a survey to be shared
2. Right click on the survey and select Share…
3. Add user email address or browse addresses
4. Select whether the users being shared to can edit the survey and if you wish to send an email notification
5. Press ‘Share’

Steps to edit sharing rights:
1. Select the survey of which sharing rights you wish to change
2. Right click on the survey and select Share…
3. Change the level of rights for each user the survey has been shared to
4. Press ‘Share’ to save the changes

Please note!

If you publish a shared survey draft, the people the draft was shared to can see the results of the survey once you publish it!

Sharing with authority to view or manage demands Surveypal user account from the person being shared to.

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