Surveypal Go allows you to collect responses for your Surveypal surveys using an IOS or Android device. The app is ideal for collecting data on-the-go and on-site fast and effectively, even when there is no Internet connection. Perfect for capturing the voice of the customer and the voice of the employee, market research, customer feedback, lead capture, HR surveys, and many more.

The Surveypal Go app enables you to:

  • Browse through your list of surveys
  • Utilize attractively designed surveys that showcase your business logo, brand, photo, or custom html5 video in large venues and events
  • Get responses for your surveys without an internet connection
  • Collect data by using an iPad in a kiosk or stand
  • Collect opinions by placing your device by the exit door or carry it around

You can download the app from Apple App Store or Android Play-store.

In order to use the Surveypal Go app you must have a Surveypal account. If you are not already a registered Surveypal user, go to and sign up for free!

Please note!

For the Go-app to work properly we recommend to use always the latest OS-version of Android & iOS devices.

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