Go surveys

Here are few best practise tips on how to build a survey that works well in the Go-app:

  • The simpler and shorter the survey the bigger the response rate
  • Image selection elements can be set to change page on selection. Use one per page and the respondent practically flies through the survey!
  • You can set the survey style separately to tablet devices in the Design view in Surveypal. Tweak your survey style to perfection there.

Settings you wish to avoid when using Go to collect answers:

  • Do not enable password protection
  • Do not limit the survey response quota
  • Automations are not supported (except the option “Send summary via email to following address(es) automatically”).
  • Links that might be included in your survey in the text element will be disabled in the Go app
  • Survey logic rules are not supported by the Surveypal Go app
  • The survey language selection feature is not currently supported. The feature will be implemented in v.1.2. Stay tuned!

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