Sender profiles

Sender profiles are needed for the respondent unsubscribe feature to work. A sender profile should contain your organization’s street or postal box address.

You can add and edit the sender profiles from the Your account menu. Click your name from the lower left corner on the front page and select ‘Your account…’ and then Sender profiles.

The address information of a sender profile will be pushed to the email invite message with the unsubscribe link and cannot be removed by the user. Email invites cannot be sent without a sender profile. Admin users can define the default profile for the organization, but users can create their own profiles and use those instead of the default if needed. Users can also set their personal default profile.

Click the ‘Add a new profile’ to add one. To edit an existing profile, hover the mouse cursor over it and click ‘Edit’. Options to set as default or delete the profile can be found from the arrow in the edit button.

Please note!

If you or any of the other users in your team don’t create a sender profile, creating a profile will be prompted next time you try to send an email invite.

Respondents who unsubscribe from future survey invites will be shown in the Manage view of the survey with status ‘Blocked’.

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